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Gas Shortage

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We have been in Bukhara Uzbekistan for two nights and will leave this morning. It has been interesting to say the least. The entire country is in some sort of mad gas shortage. When we entered the country we had full tanks and jerry cans but people kept telling us when we got to Bukhara it would be "no problem". Well it is a very big problem. There is very little gas and the government does not expect to turn the supply back up until Sept. 1st. The people are lined up for literally hours and hours overnight to get to to the station that opens at 6am and they are sold out by 8am. On top of that they will only sell you 10 liters at a time which nowhere near enough for us to get out of the country.

We spent most of the day yesterday making deals with dodgey dudes off the street. Last night a couple of the deals finally panned out. One of the deals two of our travel partners went off in a cab with a guy to some ladies farm and filled up water bottles with fuel. The other deal was some rich kid (by uzbek standards) promised he could get us around 50 gallons in 20 minutes. We didn't believe him as others had been trying all day but sure enough he showed up with five 10 gallon drums of gas. We all stood out in the alley pouring this gas that came from god know where into our cars. The poor guys were just drenched in fuel - it was a messy process.

The good news is we have enough now to get out of the country. It is so hot here. The days get up to 120 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. Brutal. We have met up with more teams now and have once again changed out route. It turns out the news in Kyrgzstan is as recent as we thought. The country is actually quite okay now. They are having political rallys for the upcoming presidential elections but as long as we don't start protesting or something stupid, we will be fine. This means that from here we will go to Samarkand, Uzbek stay one more night and then cross the border into Tajikistan and stay in Dushanbe. From there we will do the Pamir Highway, something that has always been the highlight for me. After the Pamir Highway, we will go through Kyrgystan and then blast through Kazakshtan. We are going to be pushed for time to make it to Ulaanbaatar, but we will do our best. If all else fails we can sell the car and fly home!

We have quite a convoy now so I feel quite safe. One of the team is two guys from British Columbia who are traveling with their 74 year old father. He is a hoot.

Hope all is well there. I will probably be able to update in Dushanbe again, but I know once we are out on the Pamir Highway we won't have anything.

Talk to you soon - we love and miss you all. Kiddos - I cannot wait to hold you and give you big hugs again. I think about you every minute and wonder waht you are doing. Have fun in South Dakota and take lots of pics!!


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Glad to hear from you, was beginning to worry again. Happy more have joined your convoy. We thought we were suffering in 100 degrees...yikes.
Bag packed, checked-in, can't wait to see the kids tomorrow. Stay alert and safe.
Love you guys!

by Mom

Don't worry about selling off the car to get back...I can stay till you get home.

by Mom

Sounds like an Indiana Jones movie. Just keep on going forward, you will make it to Mongolia. Hope the car is still runnin good, no telling where the gas came from, probably better off not knowing. Good luck and happy trails. Luve Dad

by Dad

Gah... and I thought our weekend at the Pine Ridge rodeo was hot and miserable! You guys are doing great and doing so well at staying positive, very proud of you. Glad that the group thing is working out, that really does help with so many things including your mental stability. You guys are in our thoughts every single hour of every day. Keep it peaceful. Love you both.

by ALison

You guys are amazing. Travel safe. See you when you get home.

by Rayanna Edwards

PS, hey does that mean when i turn 74 i get to go too, maybe an old ambulance would be a good vehicle choice. See ya, luv da

by Dad

It's great to follow your adventure. Safe travels!

by Donna Hawkins

"No way Man!" You guys rock! I'm having an Amaretto on the rocks just for you! (well, maybe for me a little too!) Keep on keepin' on and we will see you soon! I beleive we have plans to take Maddie and Paxton out to dinner after practice on Wed. Look forward to seeing them as well! We still miss you guys! See you soon! Kim (Kelly, Noah & Gio)

by Kim Powell

Your adventure is amazing! We are really enjoying reading about your travels. Thinking of the both of you. Safe travels.

by Carol Baker

Anybody here on the blog hear anything from our world travelers in the last couple days?

by Dad

Not me... I keep checking this about every two hours. I'm sure they are doing well, keep sending thoughts their way!

by Alison

We haven't heard anything since this post.

by Mom

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