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Collecting the Car

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The last couple days have been pretty nuts. Our flight out of Seattle was delayed by 3 hours which caused us to miss our connection in Reykjavik, Iceland. We ended up mulling about the airport there for 7 hours before we could catch the next flight into London - something I hope to not do again. Our flight for London was delayed an hour on the front end and another hour when we landed as no gate was available. We ended up getting off the plan 10 hours later than we should have and didn't get to our hotel until about midnight.

I was completely exhausted but couldn't sleep because I knew at 2am our time we would start getting text updates from Paxton's team family about their game with Kent. Kent and our boys were the only two teams who remained undefeated in the state tournament. The play by play texts were AMAZING!! It was almost like we were actually there! I cried, I cheered, I held my breath. In the end, they won 3-1 against a very tough team. They play the championship game on Saturday at noon. I am so proud of those boys. They just don't give up and I am truly inspired by them. I wish I could have been there to congratulate them all, but I know they are in good hands. Our crowd is the best! Go Beast!

After the game texting ended we managed to get a couple hours of sleep and then get up to make our way out to Bury St. Edmunds (90 miles northeast of London) where the car is (or will be). After getting settled in on the final train of the journey we got an awful call from the car broker who said due to complications with the trucking company the car wouldn't be ready until Monday. NO WAY MAN!! as Giovanni would say! I about had a come-apart right then and there. I think the guy on the phone sensed this wasn't a good option for us and managed to promise us he'd get it here by 4pm. So that is where we sit right now, camped out in his office lobby. The car should be here any moment. Once it is, they will take it off the container, we'll make sure everything is in order and off we go!

It'll take us about 4 hours to get down to Goodwood (the launch site) tonight but we're just happy the car is on its way.

It's been an interesting day - and today is Kelsey's 37th birthday! Happy Birthday to him!

Madie & Pax - It is probably to early to call you right now and Madie you are at rowing. SO we are hoping when we get down to Goodwood tonight there will be a place for us to call. We love you both to pieces. We think of you both every minute. I wore my baseball shirt last night hoping it would bring good luck. Both Daddy and I are sending big love your way.

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Happy Birthday Kelsey. Good luck to you both. Safe travels Love, Rayanna

by Rayanna Edwards

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY!!! It's Alex and Max's 8th birthday today too :). What an adventure you both have already had just getting to London and waiting for your car. Can't wait to hear more!

by Carol Baker

You wouldn't want a trip with no bumps, it makes the stories much more interesting!
Happy Birthday, Kelsey! Or at least what's left of it, since you're 7 or so hours ahead of us.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow and also of the All Stars. What an amazing group of boys.
Love ya guys!

by Mom

Happy Birthday Old Man!!! I had great fun sending the play by play texts about the Kent game. I will be doing finger exercises to get ready for the texting marathon on Sat! I hope the car did truly arrive at any moment, and I hope you have a wonderful adventure! Kim and the rest of the crew send lots of love! :0)

by Kim, Kelly, Noah & Giovanni Shaw

Happy birthday Mr. Klein, i always remember your birthday, you do know why dont you, if not i will tell you someday. Well hey ya got there safe, a few ruff spots, but nevertheless the plan is coming together. Pax and the boys just keep on rollin on their way to the State Championship. What an accomplishment. Be safe, be aware, and master the journey. Luv Dad

by dad

Gawd I LOVE you guys!!!

by Oop

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